Sometimes newborn babies are diagnosed with hip dysplasia and prescribed to wear stirrups. As far as it is not easy both for a child and for parents, only those who have been through know this.

The baby who is restricted in movement is capricious and does not sleep well at night, and his/her parents bleed with blood. In the end, many do not stand up and begin to look for other methods of treatment. There is an opinion that it is a consequence of traumatic labor, something like a dislocation of the joint and a chiropractor may cope with it. Is it so? But let’s see for a start in the diagnosis.

What is dysplasia?

 If we look in the medical reference book, we will see that it is an underdevelopment of the elements of the joint (acetabulum or femoral head). The worst option is when a hollow is underdeveloped, namely in shape, instead of a cup; it completely covers the head and looks like a flat saucer. The hollow may be so flat that the head in it normally just does not hold. The condition is called subluxation. The extreme degree of underdevelopment of the cavity is congenital dislocation, when its head is outside the cavity.

But do not confuse congenital dislocation associated with hypoplasia of the joint, with traumatic, which your child could really get during childbirth. It can be adjusted under general anesthesia. But it should be noted this is extremely rare in newborns.

Dysplasia was formed several months in utero. Accordingly, the depression has been underdeveloped for several months and it is simply impossible to round it off at one time with manual therapy. Therefore, the baby does not need the help of a chiropractor. With the disease, there is nothing to set off, since the head of the thigh is already in the joint, just the hollow in which it should hold is not formed and it is necessary to create the conditions for it.


 Unfortunately, in most cases the formation of a joint can only be achieved by such unloved stirrups, as they ensure the correct abduction and fixation of the hips.

In each case, the decision is made by the orthopedic surgeon, to whom you will have to get registered, as soon as your child suspects the diagnosis. He/she will examine the baby for signs such as abduction, shortening, clicking in the joint, asymmetry of folds on the hips and buttocks. Although in rare cases, the disease may occur without all these symptoms. Such dysplasia is called “dumb”. Therefore, if a doctor suspects this problem, he/she will prescribe an ultrasound scan or an x-ray of the hip joints. These examinations will give the orthopedist the opportunity to make a 100% correct diagnosis.

Pay attention: If the doctor prescribes stirrups for the child, you will have to listen to his/her recommendations, otherwise you may seriously harm the child’s health, in severe cases, it can lead to disability. And remember during the period of treatment, the child should not be put on his/her feet.

Listen to your doctor. If he/she does not inspire confidence in you, go to another orthopedist. But please do not pay attention to the stories of neighbors and friends who advise to immediately remove a terrible thing, because the child of their friends did not wear stirrups, and everything went away on his/her own. This is about the same as the stories of those who were not strapped behind the wheel and survived. But statistics is a stubborn thing in 80-90% of cases; it is precisely those who were not wearing a seat suffered. You should not risk the health of your child.

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