Viral infections often occur in children. When infected with herpes, rashes can appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth, lips, inner surface of the cheeks. However, this disease can be mistaken for a sore throat.


It refers to viruses that can affect not only the skin, but also the mucous membranes of the throat, eyes and mouth. Its feature is the fact that the pathology is more common in children 1-14 years. Breast babies rarely get this type of pathology, as they receive ready-made antibodies from mom at birth. However, over time, the degree of protection decreases.

The main reason for the appearance of the herpes virus is a decrease in the body’s defenses. This phenomenon can contribute to many factors, including:

  • hypothermia;
  • frequent ARVI and acute respiratory infections;
  • various injuries;
  • autoimmune and intestinal infections;
  • congenital pathologies and developmental anomalies.


When it appears in the throat, the symptoms of the disease resemble a sore throat. This greatly complicates the diagnosis of pathology. The disease begins with a sharp rise in temperature to 38–39 degrees. Almost simultaneously, the child complains of sore throat. Young children become restless: capricious, crying, holding fingers in the mouth.

A characteristic symptom of the disease are rashes on the glands – vesicles. These are small bubbles with fluid inside – pus, sometimes blood impurities. Rashes are arranged in groups. With spontaneous opening, the child feels a lot of pain. With the spread of the lesion, increasing the number of rashes, they become painful to swallow, so they completely refuse to eat. Other symptoms of herpes are the following:

  • swelling and hyperemia;
  • headache;
  • increased salivation;
  • burning and itching;
  • enlarged submandibular lymph nodes.

The difference between sore and purulent

In order to correctly identify the disease and consult a doctor in time, each mother must clearly understand what it looks like and how it differs from purulent tonsillitis. Rashes in these diseases are similar, but in herpes, localization of the rash is different from angina. The herpes elements of a rash always center at the entrance to the throat and cover the tonsils completely.

When purulent tonsillitis rash spreads not only on the tonsils, but also affects the larynx. These changes lead to a violation of the voice, provoke a cough due to severe edema, which is almost not found with the defeat of herpes. In practice, laboratory methods of research are assigned for setting the final diagnosis.

The temperature

Herpes sore throat without temperature is almost never found. The body always reacts violently to the introduction of the pathogen. When products of the vital activity of the virus enter the blood, intoxication occurs, which causes a rise in the temperature index – the body’s natural reaction. However, with other localization (in the groin, in the lips area), a temperature increase may not occur. In children, this is rare. A characteristic feature is the rise in temperature only during rashes. After their appearance, the indicator normalizes.

Why is it dangerous?

Finding out why it appears in the throat, the cause of the disease, it is necessary to name the consequences of its presence in the body. Any infection that enters the body is dangerous, especially when it comes to children. Imperfection of the immune system of babies does not allow for timely response to pathogenic agents. In order not to spread throughout the body, it is necessary to respond in time to its occurrence. Proper and timely treatment eliminates the possible complications of herpetic sore throat, including:

  • neuralgia;
  • viral diseases of internal organs (spleen, liver);
  • violation of the development process.


In order to determine how to treat herpes sore throat in children, doctors conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of the disease. The elimination of the provoking factor helps to avoid the recurrence and further spread of the virus.

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