Constipation in children

Constipation in children

In children and adults, abdominal pain and increased gas formation appear on the background of constipation. With persistent constipation, there is a risk of sucking back products from the intestines into the bloodstream. This is fraught with intoxication, the development of dehydration and multiple organ failure. Due to the natural hypersensitivity of the body, constipation in babies requires immediate treatment.

The fact of constipation in infants

The intestine of children of the first year of life is only developing. Its work is not perfect. This is provoked by muscle weakness, lack of normal microflora, functional features in the work, poor production of enzymes.

For children under one year there is no specific rate of stool. Breastfed babies can be emptied after each breastfeeding, which is quite normal. Breast milk is perfectly absorbed by the body of the child. The absence of a stool in a newborn for 1-3 days is also a variant of the norm, because it is simply not necessary to empty the bowel.

Artificially fed babies should have a stool every day. Emptying every 2 days is a normal variant, if there are no signs of discomfort in the child, it is calm and gains weight well.

The first month of life has its own characteristics. Within 12 hours after birth, the first act of defecation should take place, namely meconium leaves. Further, the norm is considered to be emptying 1-7 times per day, which depends on the type of feeding and the developmental characteristics of the child. The infant develops its own intestinal rhythm. As a rule, a month later, the mother clearly knows how often her baby is emptied.

If the baby has constipation, the mother should pay attention to her own food in the last 3-4 days. The work of the intestine of an infant directly depends on the composition of breast milk. All substances that penetrate into the mother’s body, get along with milk in the child’s digestive tract. Constipation in infants provoke foods (eaten by mom).

So that the child does not have constipation, the nursing mother should gradually introduce all the usual foods into the diet. If, after one of them, the child’s belly reacts negatively, the product should be discarded and you should return to attempts to introduce it later.

To correct the situation with constipation, you can use breast milk. Mom is enough to saturate the diet with vegetables and fruits that do not suppress peristalsis (beets, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, baked apples), completely exclude tea, coffee and substitute beverages, use sour-milk products. As a rule, after 1-2 days the problem disappears on its own. Sometimes constipation associated with a mixed diet: a mixture of breast milk at the same time. In this case, the mixture must be replaced.

Do I need medical help

In case of any disorders, the baby will be wise to consult with the pediatrician. Sometimes a medical examination is a must. It is necessary to consult a doctor if:

  • constipation in infants occur regularly;
  • the problem is not solved with the correction of mom’s nutrition;
  • violation is accompanied by fever;
  • the child often and abundantly belches after feeding;
  • baby refuses to eat;
  • cal has an intense green color.

Inspection and diagnostic procedures (tests, ultrasound) will help determine the exact cause of problems with the chair. Constipation provoked by diseases and abnormalities of the intestine. In this case, an operation or prescription of drugs will be required.

Alternative methods


A baby can have a soft belly massage. To do this, press firmly (perceptibly, but without pressure) palm to the left side of the abdomen, gently hold it up to the subcostal area, then across (just below the diaphragm line) and down (along the projection area of ​​the descending colon). Massage spends 5-10 minutes. For efficiency, a warm diaper can be put on the baby’s stomach. Massage stimulates peristalsis, helps to relax the sphincters and facilitate the act of emptying the intestines.

Constipation in infants may be a reaction to mom’s diet, a sign of illness, allergic reactions or dehydration. Accurately established cause will help the pediatrician. As a preventive measure for constipation, children’s gymnastics helps well: gently pressing on bent legs toward the abdomen, “bicycle” and “scissors”, and regularly putting it on the stomach.

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