Phlegmon palpebrae

Phlegmon palpebrae

Phlegmon is a spilled purulent inflammation of adipose tissue. It is a collective concept. The process can be located in the fiber of the orbit, eyelid or lacrimal sac.

 Upper palpebrae

 It occurs in places where there is a violation of the integrity of the skin. The source of the infection is clear and can be investigated. Most often, inflammation occurs in places where for a long period of time there have been no injuries, cuts or skin punctures. The diagnosis is designed to find out the cause of infection.

It is manifested in the form of an inflammatory process, accompanied by redness and purulent abscesses. The disease, due to the movability, is painful, leading to inconvenience when closing and opening the eye, trying to squint. Severe process can also make it impossible to turn the eyes. In addition, the thickening may have a mechanical effect on the eyeball, which is associated with additional pain.

Lower  palpebrae

The pain occurs when touching and pressing on it, less often – when closing the eyes. The disease may be accompanied by excessive tearing. As a rule, phlegmon of the lower eyelid progresses and in the case of timely start of treatment does not extend to the upper eyelid and at the same time remains unilateral in any case. Since this is an inflammatory process generated by an  infection, the diagnosis at an early stage minimizes the damage and possible complications. Due to localization features, swelling can lead to pain when the eye moves.


It occurs with fever, headache. It develops as a result of injury to the orbit or penetration of infection into the mucous membrane or skin. In the overwhelming majority of cases (we are talking about 70%), the clinic consists of sinusitis (usually ethmoiditis), osteomelitis, abscess, and other infectious lesions of organs located near the eyes.

As a rule, the cause, as in the cases of other localization of the disease, becomes staphylococcus, streptococcus. The phlegmon generated by a pneumobacillus or colibacillus meets a little less often.

The disease manifests itself after the penetration of the pathogen into the fiber of the skin. At the same time, the formation of purulent abscess begins with small suppurations, which later unite into one.


First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of its manifestation, simultaneously blocking the inflammatory process. Antibiotics may be prescribed for this purpose. Surgery may be required to remove pus and a source of suppuration, as well as for the long-term absence of a positive effect. Subsequently physiotherapy, stimulation of the body’s protective reaction (immunity) are prescribed. The treatment is conservative.

In case of fluctuation it is opened.

Treatment should be timely, since the following complications are possible: the spread of inflammation on the tissue of the orbit, thrombosis of the cavernous sinus, meningoencephalitis, sepsis.

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