Cosmetic and caring means

Cosmetic and caring means

Beautiful and correct make-up can emphasize the features, hiding small flaws, but improper skin care will negatively affect its condition. To maintain a healthy state, it is necessary to take care of it, not forgetting to repeat the procedures strictly every day.


 First of all, this is face cosmetics, which is applied regularly to the skin. Every evening before going to bed, you must wash off all make-up, especially carefully making sure that the particles of foundation, powder or carcass are not left on the face. It should be washed off with a special means to remove make-up, and then wash with warm water with a gel, milk or foam. Then you should rub your face well with lotion and spread the nourishing cream.

Between butter and cream, it is better to choose a cream, since the oil clogs the pores and prevents from breathing. Apply the cream on the face with special movements from the middle of the nose to the right and left side of the face with semicircular movements, and on the chin and forehead with horizontal movements from the middle. The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive, so creams for the eyelid region are selected separately and are applied with light point like movements.

Twice a week nourishing masks are desirable, which saturate the skin with missing vitamins, and once a week peeling for the face is necessary. Scrubs and salt applied to the face is not recommended, since the skin on it is more sensitive than on the body and can easily be irritated.

It is necessary to visit a master at least every two months to do the cleaning. No matter how hard you try to keep your skin clean, the polluted atmosphere makes itself felt – the pores are in any case clogged with small particles of dirt and dust that you need to get rid of. You can try to do this at home, but it is not recommended to perform this procedure on your own, as improper handling of the skin can only aggravate the situation, so it is better to entrust this matter to a good beautician.

Massages for the face are also very useful, but only when the master does it. Lying on a comfortable couch with closed eyes and completely trusting the professional, you can get a positive emotion charge all over the body; in addition this procedure is positive for the skin of the face.

How to avoid diseases

 Doctors recommend careful consideration of the health of the skin, because this is the only protective barrier that does not allow external aggressive factors to harm the body. When the skin is sick, protective functions are reduced, and there are increased risks of various diseases.

Thus, the basic recommendation is the care of the immune system as the main defense of the body against any diseases.

Pay attention: When immunity is weak, the risks of skin and any other diseases increase. To strengthen immunity, you need a balanced diet rich in vitamins and trace elements, as well as an active lifestyle, exercise and no bad habits.

Many diseases can be avoided if you do not contact infected people. If there is even the slightest suspicion of the presence of diseases, it is better to avoid direct contact with a person and confine yourself to simple verbal communication at a safe distance. Skin diseases can be hidden; therefore they cannot always be determined with the naked eye. In this regard, physical contact with strangers should be limited to avoid the risk of infection.

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