Laser ablation using the latest techniques

Laser ablation using the latest techniques

Neoplasms on the skin, manifested in the form of growths of various shapes and sizes, not only spoil the aesthetics of appearance, but also are potentially dangerous. Under the influence of irritating external factors and sun rays, moles can be transformed into malignant forms of dermatological formations.

Laser ablation using the latest techniques

There are many reasons for the appearance of defects on the skin. Hereditary predisposition plays a large role, in the second place – a decrease in the body’s immune forces, viral infection (HPV), traumatic factors (sunburn burns), hormonal changes, elderly and senile age.

Common neoplasms

The most common dermatological pathology is the papilloma. Among tumors of this type there are especially dangerous (prone to degeneration into a malignant form) and relatively harmless sprouting.

In dermatology, the species are distinguished by papillomas:

  • nodular (formations from horny skin)
  • flat (similar in appearance to moles);
  • filiform (in the form of cones with multiple papillae);
  • genital warts (formation in the genital area, viral nature);
  • epithelial hyperplasia (formation on the mucous lips).

Removal of papillomas, moles, calluses and corns is shown in different types of localization of neoplasms, to restore normal aesthetics of the body and to prevent the risk of malignant tumors.

Choosing a technique for removing tumors

Removal of moles, papillomas, warts is done in many ways. When choosing a technique, the doctor takes into account several factors: the type of pathological growth, the size, the general condition of the skin, the localization area. After the express diagnostics the scheme of carrying out of medical manipulation is made, the corresponding device is chosen. To remove birthmarks and warts in Kiev apply a variety of techniques:

  • surgery (excision with a scalpel);
  • electrocoagulation (electrical shock);
  • cryodestruction (cold exposure);
  • radio wave surgery;
  • laser exposure.

Of the above, the two most advanced technologies are the most progressive. The advantages of these methods include a low level of tissue trauma, high performance, no significant pain, fast healing, minimal risk of inflammation after procedures.

Laser removal of papillomas and moles is, to date, the gold standard in dermatology. A variety of types of laser equipment allows you to choose the best tool and method for getting rid of various pathologies – moles and warts are now removed on the eyelids, cheeks, lips, neck and other areas with a fine structure of the skin.

A few years ago, after this procedure, there were visible scars and keloid scars, but it was the laser that gave people the opportunity to keep clean beautiful skin after removal of tumors.

Types of laser equipment

In modern medicine, laser equipment is used in several ways:

  • diagnostics;
  • therapy;
  • surgery.

Laser removal of moles is based on the ability of the beam to burn tissues and evaporate moisture (this phenomenon is called vaporization). In modern equipment, it is possible to dose time and intensity of radiation, adjust fine focusing, which excludes the impact of the beam on surrounding tissues.

Depending on the type of dermatological problem and the location of the birthmark, a continuous or pulsed laser is used. Inversion created by a laser beam is supported by a certain medium (gas, liquid or solid), which is reflected in the names of the instrument (argon, neodymium, holmium, ruby, carbon dioxide).

All these types of equipment are based on the action of a monochromatic laser beam with a certain wavelength and the absorption coefficient in an aqueous medium. The laser instrument is chosen taking into account the depth of the tissue location, whose absorption spectrum corresponds to the wavelength of the beam.

Penetrating to a strictly prescribed depth, the laser beam evaporates moisture and clogs the blood vessels that supply pathological tissues. This leads to the withering away of the neoplasm. Removal of papillomas by laser in closed areas of the body is carried out with a device with continuous radiation, in the face – with a pulsed apparatus.

How the procedure is performed

  1. After the examination and dermatoscopy, performed by a qualified dermatologist, the laser is selected.
  2. For complete anesthesia, local anesthetics are used (optional).
  3. The duration of the session is several minutes.
  4. After completion of the procedure, the doctor treats the site of exposure with an antiseptic, applies a sterile bandage (if there is contact with clothing).
  5. Next, the patient leaves the clinic, receiving detailed recommendations for further action.

After removal of birthmarks with a laser, you can not sunbathe, visit solariums, SPA complexes and swimming pools, take baths at home, use cosmetics in the area of ​​scarring. Time limits are determined by the doctor, given the clinical picture (speed and nature of healing).

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